All About SOIL

The Basics:

 Starting/Potting Soil Components:

                                                                 1.  5% Fine Vermiculite

                                                                 2. 15% Perlite

                                                                 3. 80% Peat Moss

Mix the above in a wheelbarrow or other container, put in pots almost full, dampen lightly. 

Then, place seed in pot, generally a depth equal to the depth of the seed, gently water again.

To enrich and build up soil in raised beds:

Layer in the bed about 2 inches each layer:

Newspapers or cardboard on bottom (to kill weeds, grass, etc)

Layer of soil

Layer of compost and/or straw (not hay, with weed seeds!)

Layer of soil

Layer of compost

Layer of soil

Until bed is full:  about 2"-3" from the top


Click here to see a demonstration of raised bed making and filling 


Great educational intro


University of Florida Extension Service info about Soil: