Seed Sources

There are many sites on the internet to get "heirloom" seeds,
which means that when you save the seeds from that plant, you will get the exact same variety again,
 many have been handed down from generation to generation.    Hybrids are seeds from plants that have more than one variety for the parents and is fine.  It's the GMO's you absolutely do not want.  They have been modified in their genes and are now in a state that has been shown to be causing many problems in animals and people.
The demand for seeds is escalating and the companies are having a hard time keeping up. 

The Big GMO Cover-Up | Permaculture Research Institute of Australia

http://permaculture 02/22/the- big-gmo-cover- up/


                                                            Non-GMO Food Guide.pdf


Conventional seeds are grown with agricultural chemicals, pesticides, and herbicides, weakening instead of sustaining the soil. You can choose organic seeds, soil amendments, and fertilizers to show your support for sustainably-produced crops and farming. Your soil will be healthier and so will are what you eat. The chemicals do not leave plants, they become part of them, cell by cell. As so goes the part, so goes the whole!

Consider learning how to save your own!
 Some of our favorite sources are:
 Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds
 ECHO Seeds  (great for Florida Edible Perennial Plants)
Seeds of Change Heirloom Organics

Eden Organic is in Florida and offers some heirloom, organic, and interesting varieties as well:

http://www.eonseed. com

American Meadows carries Organic Vegetable Seeds items including Organic Bean Seeds, Organic Beet Seeds, Organic Carrot Seeds, Organic Corn Seeds, Organic Cucumber Seeds, Organic Herb Seeds


For alternative, natural, in tune with Florida plants information, click on Echo's Online Link below:

Click below on Southern Exposure Seed Exchange (only source we know of right now for Currant Tomato seeds) :


Click below for SEED PLANT FINDER from Mother Earth News: 

and you can get some organic seeds quickly from Home Depot and Lowes, even local Feed stores:

Lakeland Cash and Feed, downtown on Main Street across from Lake Mirror near Amtrak station has seed in bulk....