Click here for pictures of a  Barefoot Gardener Demonstration of building a raised bed.

Recommended size:  12"-18" high, 2'-4' wide (depending on how far you can reach into the center without stepping into the bed).

Length of bed depends on how much space you have or need. 

You can grow plenty for two people in four beds that are approximately 3' X  8',

totaling approximately 100 square feet.

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Potential Materials for a raised bed border:

Untreated wood boards

Concrete blocks or bricks

Tree logs or naturally rot-resistant wood:  cypress, cedar, locust

Wall made of large stones

          How to naturally, organically preserve and treat wooden boards, decks, picnic tables,

swing sets, etc. which lasts for 20 years:

1 ounce paraffin wax

Enough solvent (mineral spirits, paint thinner, or turpentine at room temperature)

to make a total volume of 1 full gallon

3 cups exterior varnish (better for Florida because of high humidity) or

 1 1/2 cups boiled linseed oil (for low humidity areas)

In a double boiler, melt the paraffin.  (Never heat paraffin over a direct flame!)  Away from the heat, vigorously stir the solvent, then slowly pour in the melted paraffin.  Add the varnish or linseed oil and continue to stir thoroughly.

Apply by dipping the untreated lumber into the mixture for 3 minutes or by applying a heavy coat.  The wood can be painted when thoroughly dry.

Layer in the bed about 2 inches each layer:

Newspapers or cardboard on bottom (to kill weeds, grass, etc)

Layer of soil

Layer of compost and/or straw (not hay, with weed seeds!)

Layer of soil

Layer of compost

Layer of soil

Until bed is full:  about 2"-3" from the top



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