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A Simple Compost Method from our Founder, Patti McGauley:

A local person just now was asking online for worms for composting, I responded and thought you might like to revisit the mini workshop given at our very first club meeting.
You already have all the worms you could ever want. Here's how to call them: Offer them food.... Here's how to do that:

Set a large container with holes in the bottom on some dirt or even grass, just not concrete or anything too solid for the worms to make their way upward into your/their container. Cover the bottom of the container with dirt. Now layer kitchen scraps, coffee grounds and filters, tea bags, etc. and cover with another layer of dirt until you can no longer see the scraps and there are no bugs flying around. When the weather is dry, water your beginning compost. Continue adding layers of scraps and dirt until your container is full. It may sink down some so you can add a few more layers. When it appears to be really FULL, continue keeping it moist by watering gently until the rains come or until two to three weeks have passed.

At this point you have BLACK GOLD or COMPOST ready to use! This is my method of cold composting. The product is quite dense at this point but
still ready to do the job of activating sluggish plants into green happiness. If you have some left in a month or so, you will see the compost becoming more fluffy in texture, more nearly like compost you may have known.

When you allow your first container to set a spell, letting the worms do their job, you begin another. Repeat. Enjoy the worms' work!

As for the stuff you can use -- even whole fruits and veggies, no matter what kind, except for watermelons that may need a little chopping with a machete just to fit the container. The worms are smart little guys and appreciate being able to feed and drink while they mess around in the dark. That is why the dirt layers must be quite thick so that no light reaches them from above. So, keep your container contents moist, and your hungry and thirsty worms will stick around.
Pat, aka Worm Whisperer


Mothers Organics is near Plant City FL and has a huge operation producing and selling compost by the yard.

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